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The Velvet Spade an outdoor patio bar / Indie Rock hang out that had live bands on the weekends. Great hangout, good vibes, great music!

Not sure if it is still open, but if anyone out there in Austin is reading, is this place still open?
Velvet Spade Bands-01.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-02.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-03.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-04.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-05.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-06.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-07.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-08.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-09.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-10.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-11.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-12.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-13.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-14.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-15.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-16.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-17.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-18.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-19.jpgVelvet Spade Bands-20.jpg

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