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Up and Adam! Bags packed, Bonnie loaded, checked the weather in the Rockies, it is going to get cold!

Long socks on, check! Long Johns on, check! Jacket liner in, check! Glove liners easy accessible check! Off to breakfast! Going to Moab Diner of course!

More to come!

Made Colorado by 1200, stopped for gas, and visit the visitor center in Fruita only to find out that my route across the Rockies is closed! I can go east about 80 more miles before I can check the road again to see if the pass is open!

Traveled the rest of the 80 or so miles and stopped in Glenwood Springs for lunch, as I was walking in a gentlemen told that they had just opened the highway! Woot! But lunch first!

After lunch gassed up Bonnie and off we are to drive through the Rocky Mountains!

I have not realized how nice of a ride that I70 is through here! It pretty much follows the Colorado River, nice scenery, some great s curves through the mountains, long sweeping ones! I can feel it getting cooler as I pass towns, they have elevation signs with the town names! 5,000 ft, 7,000 ft, 8,000 ft getting colder, 9,000 ft, 10,000 ft Vail Summit, damn its cold!

And then back down, around Denver and into Colorado Springs for the night!

Tomorrow pack up, breakfast, and Pike's Peak! 17 mile road up to 14,000 ft.! Not the highest summit in the Rockies but the most accessible! And it will be cold but I haven't come this far to not go up and freeze my arse off!

We will see!

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