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Had a goods night sleep and slept late today well until 0800!

Had some shopping to get done! It was cold when I pulled in last night and tomorrow I have to cross The Rocky Mountains! Altitude and a bit colder up there! On the list! Glove liners, long johns, long hiking sock the thicker kind, and a wet bag for my camelback.

Moab is an everything outdoor place I should be able to find what I need! Well the first two place no go! But the third, third times a charm a place called Gear Heads was the adventurer's dream! Skeeter helped me with everything I needed! Thanks Skeeter!

After breakfast at the best place in town Moab Diner! Sat at the window and watched the town go by, and some down on their luck people picking up cigarette butts and put them in their cigarette box to smoke for later!

After that to the room to down load the new goods and then off to Arches National Park!

The rest of my day was spent at Arches from about 1100 to 2100, I hiked this park and it was great! About 12 miles today! And this was my rest day! But it was amazing and a half day is not enough!

On the longest hike of the day to Delicate Arch met a mother and her kinds doing the hike as well.

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