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These were taken one November day while I waited for my wife to come meet up with me! I had my camera and to tell the truth I had never really walked around downtown Belton. Was a nice cloudy, cool and damp day! I was pleasantly suprised with my experience of Belton, Texas.
Belton Walkabout_0001.jpgBelton Walkabout_0002.jpgBelton Walkabout_0003.jpgBelton Walkabout_0004.jpgBelton Walkabout_0006.jpgBelton Walkabout_0007.jpgBelton Walkabout_0008.jpgBelton Walkabout_0009.jpgBelton Walkabout_0010.jpgBelton Walkabout_0011.jpgBelton Walkabout_0012.jpgBelton Walkabout_0013.jpgBelton Walkabout_0014.jpgBelton Walkabout_0015.jpgBelton Walkabout_0016.jpgBelton Walkabout_0017.jpgBelton Walkabout_0018.jpgBelton Walkabout_0019.jpgBelton Walkabout_0020.jpgBelton Walkabout_0021.jpg

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