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Good Morning! Up earlier today, shower, coffee being made, packing up and then breakfast and we are off! Kayenta, Arizona the goal today! Music will be included today! Monument Valley here I come!

So far every days ride has been getting better! Weather, roads and the views! Like someone is watching out for me!

Gotta drop postcards off at the post office and have breakfast so more later!

Very Large Array (VLA) - was pretty kewl! This will only appeal to the true geeks / nerds! Or photogs got some great photos!

The rest of 60 west is peaceful ride! Lunch time stop today was at 1315 in the town of Quemado, New Mexico a cafe named Largo Cafe! A great bowl of homemade chili, alright two bowls and salad! Water and of course coffee!

This morning started off brisk, but in all of my bravery I went without jacket liner! That lasted fifty miles! Which was the VLA stop! Liner went in the jacket and I commandeered some latex medical gloves from the VLA gift shop first aid kit! So the lesson for today for long trips is glove liners are a must! As soon as I find a place that is populated getting some glove liners oh and for riding, long socks a must! So two things learned so far today!

Lunch break over and have about four more hours to go!

Well my four hours to go turned into being later than expected! Got into Kayenta, Arizona at about 9 PM or so, or about 15 minutes after sunset!

Aside from the temperature dropping, the couple of sand storms crossing the roads that I had to drive through and the fast moving thunderstorms getting me wet twice! The ride was awesome! I probably stopped one to many times to take pictures too! But that is part of the trip!

The drive up 191 North and 160 west has some great views, and the sun was setting so it was shining beautiful light on the red buttes along the road, seeing the light play on the desert and the mountains and how it all changes what you are seeing amazes me! It also makes me realize how much of everything we really miss seeing or living by not opening our eyes to see the views or just stopping for twenty minutes to take it all in, enjoy it you will not see it again, ever!

Thanks! to Mike the fellow lone motorcycle traveler for the gloves! We met at the registration desk of the hotel, The Kayenta Inn! And got to talking motorcycles, trips and routes and what to see where! So apologies to Mom and Dad for not texting earlier! But got some great information and kindness from a stranger! I hopefully attribute that to me having helped someone in the past and now it is making its way back around!

So even though my ride was beautiful today, I cannot tell a lie I was chilly! I came prepared but not for this cooler weather! But live and learn and learn I am!

So I mentioned two things earlier to add to the riding trip to bring, well I am adding to that! Some real riding pants! I mean it Andres!

Postcards written, water drank, time for bed and up in the morning, on to the next! Four Corners, Monument Valley and Moab hopefully before sundown! And Maranda I wish you were here to be able and see what I have seen so far, and what I will see!

Forgot to mention all the wild horses I saw during today's ride! Running free on the land great site to see! Wild horses!

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