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The Start

Bags packed, Bonnie loaded, ready to go! Mostly!

First leg of trip complete, long good ride. I learned exactly how far I can go on a tank of gas! Not by choice of course but , forced too. There are not many places out here in west Texas! Towns are far and few between, oh 135 miles will leave me .2 gallons of gas. So theoretically I should run out of gas at 140 miles but we are not trying that! Not this trip!

Friendly and talkative people everywhere I have stopped, gas stations, at the small places I have stopped to just look around. People seemed surprised for someone to be riding so far on motorcycle for no other reason to just do it!

I will list places stopped later, going back and using my receipts and pictures taken as a reference.

My first nights stop is / was Marfa, Texas! Great town, a definite visit place on a long weekend! Artsy, traditional, friendly folks! I stayed at a hotel named the Riatta, there are only three places in town to stay, Thunderbird Motel, and the fancier enter name here later. Owner actually was out on the porch at the entrance and we spoke a spell before getting me a room.

He also told me about an shindig that was going over at Planet Marfa. Great place! It was a birthday party for the owner, food was free! Grilled chicken, beans and grilled corn on the cob, you had to buy your own drinks! Live band provided the entertainment and it was great! Tejano music, country, rock, even some SRV. Small dance floor under the stars, a teepee that was over a sunken in sitting room to just hang out and talk with friends! Groovy place! Folks would just talk to everyone definite small town vibe!

After food and a couple of beers, had to of course head out to the Marfa Viewing spot! A trip to Marfa would not be complete without visiting the mysterious viewing of the Marfa Lights! So was out there about a hour or so, and I did see lights, I am still tossing around what exactly I saw, so more on that later!

I so the Marfa lights so just going to leave it at that!

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