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Breakfast in Marfa and what is the best way to figure out where the best place in town is to eat?

Ask someone, a local! So I asked the motel owner who was there behind the desk in the morning! Mando's was the answer!

I learned while at Mando's that the waitress who usually isn't on the morning shift is the daughter of the owner of the hotel, yup true story!

She was also staying at the Riata she told me. I asked her why, and she told me because she is having spiritual issues at her home, her husband killed himself 7 months ago, but she said that it wasn't him haunting the house. So the house is getting cleansed this week, hence her stay at the Riata!

By the way breakfast was good! Eggs, hash browns and bacon! Yes I cheated a bit! I'm on my walk about if I can't cheat during that then when can I? I did some workout this morning!

Next stop New Mexico somewhere!

Hit New Mexico at 1400 central, which is 1300 their time because I crossed the time zone line as well! Drove through the Guadalupe Mountain Park and that was awesome! Hiking to Guadalupe Peak is going to be fun and a challenge!

Made Carlsbad by 1400 mountain time, so it was lunch time, gas up again! And on to Roswell which is another hour from here! I am scared to run out of gas so I get it when I can! :P

So this afternoon I learned that Carlsbad caverns aren't really in Carlsbad they are like 30 miles away! LOL good to know! Also the place to stay if you need to for Guadalupe Peak is Carlsbad, there is another town nut do not remember which is closer!

More later

Made it into Socorro, New Mexico from Carlsbad at 2000 mountain time, and the ride on highway 380 was an amazing ride as the sun went down on the valley! The weather cooled, the road was perfectly long with great S curves and amazing views! Photos could not capture the views that I saw on this stretch of road!

Socorro as a town is again bigger than I thought, had the totally wrong perception of this town! Checked onto the Best Western, and had a late dinner at a place called K-Bobs, I did not choose wisely! It was bad, I ate because I was hungry but was not the best meal! After I found a little town favorite bar Capital Bar. Long old fashioned wooden bar and floors, foosball table and pool tables. Had me a beer and then back to the room for bed.

Found out that VLA is about 50 miles away on a different road that I will be traveling on, so had to make some adjustments to my route, will be taking 60 west up to Kayenta. What would a plan be without last minute changes! But this route will pass through the VLA!

Add - in the drive into Socorro I actually saw tumbleweeds tumbling across the road! Glad I didn't hit any of them!


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