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After a long day of vacationing (visiting stores, at the beach, and playing poker all night, and oh yeah having some drinks!) my brother and I decided to wake up at 6 AM to catch a sunrise on the beach! It was beautiful to say the least! These are the images that I captured.
SPI Sunrise 2010-01SPI Sunrise 2010-03SPI Sunrise 2010-04SPI Sunrise 2010-05SPI Sunrise 2010-07SPI Sunrise 2010-09SPI Sunrise 2010-13SPI Sunrise 2010-14SPI Sunrise 2010-20SPI Sunrise 2010-21SPI Sunrise 2010-23SPI Sunrise 2010-25SPI Sunrise 2010-27SPI Sunrise 2010-28SPI Sunrise 2010-29SPI Sunrise 2010-30SPI Sunrise 2010-31SPI Sunrise 2010-32SPI Sunrise 2010-33SPI Sunrise 2010-34

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