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Waking up this morning was a little surreal, get up let's getting going! Yes a year ago today your wife, the lady you were going to grow old with and travel passed away! But you still have to get your ass up! You are 1400 miles away from home and you have a lot left to see!

Two songs came to mind this morning as I was getting ready! Both by Maroon 5, the lyrics just stick to me! Sometime they make me happy, sometimes sad!

Beautiful Goodbye and Sad

50 degrees to start the trip today! WOOT!

Four corners done! BOOM! On to Monument Valley after lunch break!

Monument Valley was amazing, have the pictures to prove it! I think I said it before, every day the views, the roads, the things I see get more and more amazing! I cannot believe that I have not traveled this way sooner! At least I am doing it now, mind you alone but doing it!

At Monument Valley I was not allowed to drive the 17 mile loop that they allow folks with cars to drive, because I was on a motorcycle and don't have the clearance! I can guarantee you that I can get to more places on Bonnie than Joe smoe can get to in his fraking car! The road was a bumpy dirt trail, they called it a road, but I could have done it! The road takes you down into the valley closer to the views. See pictures so you know what I am talking about! No difference the views were amazing! The photos ops, amazing!

The drive from Monument Valley was a straight shot up on highway 191 North, a great ride and the views along the way great! Had to stop a few times to get some shots! Bonnie and I went off road again! What I had to get the shot!

What shot you are asking yourself? Well that shot where you are out traveling or doing things and you say that would be a great picture! But you never stop to do it! I stop and do it! I have had to drive down the road a bit to find a safe place to turn around and back track, but so worth it to get the shot! We don't stop enough to get the shot! So my advice to you, STOP and take the shot! Who cares if you are ten minutes late to where you are going!

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